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Messages are delivered by Scott & White volunteers Monday through Friday. Messages received before 10 a.m. are typically delivered the same day while messages received after 10 a.m. are typically delivered the following business day. Messages received on Saturday, Sunday or holidays are delivered on the following business day.

Messages are not forwarded to patients who have been discharged.


Scott & White eGreeting Policy

Please be aware that Scott & White volunteers will see your message when they print and deliver it. For that reason, we ask that you refrain from sending confidential, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate messages. Scott & White reserves the right to refuse to deliver any greeting if it determines, for whatever reason, that the greeting is inappropriate.

Scott & White cannot ensure the confidentiality of this message. This message may be viewed by staff and volunteers in the delivery process.

Please note: If the intended recipient has requested that their status as a patient not be disclosed, this message will not be delivered. Because of this, Scott & White will not provide any information as to the status of a message due to federal privacy regulations in accordance with HIPAA.